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For you and your vehicle

Concierge Service

Seguro provides complete customer service that allows you peace of mind so that you can get on with life and not have to worry about the logistics of car ownership. While your car is in our care, we can manage all of your Car Maintenance, Car Transportation, Track and Event Activities, Documentation, Private Air Transport, or Helicopter Charter requirements

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Transportation for your vehicle

We can arrange to transport your vehicle to a location of your choosing, within the UK or throughout Europe, using either an open car trailer or discrete enclosed transporter. We work exclusively with trusted partners who have many years of experience in Classic Car, Modern Classic Cars, and Supercar Marquee transportation. Whether you're planning to enjoy a fun couple of days at an event or track day, a few weeks taking in the stunning scenery of the Mediterranean, or collecting your next Classic Car project or Investment, Seguro can help.

Transportation for you

Thanks to our on-site dedicated helipad, Seguro can offer the ultimate luxury in personnel transportation. We can collect you by helicopter from your preferred private location or local airport that is convenient for you and transport you directly to your car. If you're a private helicopter pilot or owner, you are more than welcome to land here also. Alternatively, we can fly you directly to your next car event or track day and we will make sure that your car is safely transported there and ready for you to enjoy.

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