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State of the Art Storage Facility 

Some of the features of the facility are:

-24/7 Surveillance


-Located on a discreet gated private facility

-Fully insulated

-Temperature controlled

-Manually locked bollards

-UV light free. 

​We're not just limited to cars. If you happen to have a cherished Campervan that has a maximum length of 4.8 meters with a width and height of less than 2.2 meters, then we will be able to accommodate you with no extra charge.  However, vehicles that are outside of these standard dimensions can be accommodated but with an additional charge

How will my car be protected while in storage?

On arrival, your car or campervan will be hand washed and inspected for damage. It will then be photographed before being prepared for storage, and copies of the images will be made available to you for your records.

In addition to our designated area for Check-In, Preparation and Detailing, all cars are stored in a secure, indoor location that is clean, dry and protected from the elements. You can also opt for our temperature and humidity-controlled storage facilities, which have additional insulation and are kept at a relative humidity level of 50-55%.

Your vehicle will be checked on a daily basis to make sure that there are no leaking fluids or oil and the tyre pressures will be checked periodically. If we find any problems with your car, we'll notify you and you can decide how you would like the problem rectified.

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Seguro holds a Fully Comprehensive Motor Traders Insurance policy that protects your vehicle while it is our care against all risks.
We have £5m Public Liability with full road risk cover up to £2m and depending on which Storage Option you choose, insurance is included up to a declared insured value of £200,000.  

Because your vehicle will be insured with us, you will need to inform your insurance company that the car is with Seguro Car Storage. This normally has the desired effect of reducing your policy rates while the car is in our care. However, it is very important that before it leaves us, you arrange to fully insure the car once again under your own policy so that you have continued protection and remain road legal.

If your policy has expired and you have chosen not to renew, or you have cancelled it completely, you must let us know.

We will be very happy to provide a quotation to renew your insurance and because your car is with Seguro, we will be able to provide a competitive rate.

​Choice of options to further protect your car.

ctek battery in car storage
car storage car cover hampshire
aston martin in air chamber

Battery Charger/Conditioner

To protect the battery from draining and to maintain onboard computer and entertainment system settings most cars will require a trickle charger to be connected while being stored. We can either fit one for a fee (then it's yours to keep) or it can be provided as part of your chosen storage option.

Protective Cover

Car Covers help to keep your car in pristine condition and here at Seguro we provide British made fully breathable tailored stretch covers tightly woven with a Lycra Satin blend. If you don't have a cover we can either supply one for you to own or provide it within your chosen 
storage option.


Airchambers provide an advanced controlled environment for your investment. Housed in a spacious chamber with a filtered airflow of up to 50,000 liters an hour not only will your car have additional protection from moisture and dust it also prevents the risk of minor body damage while providing UV protection.


Health Checks

Our premium packages include the option for 30-or-90 day health checks on your car. We'll start and run up your car to operational temperature lightly exercise Breaks, Gears, Clutch, Steering, etc and check all vehicle Lights, Indicators, and onboard systems. If you'd like us to exercise your car on the road, we'll do this on a dry day on a limited 10-mile circuit on local roads.


Check-in Proceduce 

1.     All documents are checked to include verification of the Insured Sum.

2.    Your car is then assigned a unique Identification Number, Keys are Tagged and the vehicle is inspected.

3. High-Resolution pictures are taken, both Internal and External to highlight any areas of damage or defect.

4.    Any defects noticed will be documented and confirmed with the client.

5.    Your vehicle will now be Cleaned and the Interior Vacuumed. 

6.    Engine Fluid levels are checked and recorded.

7.    Tyre condition and pressures are checked for correct storage settings.

8.    Any additional defects found during the cleaning stage will be noted and photographed and agreed with the client.

9.    Your vehicle is now air-dried before being moved to the allocated secured storage area.

10.   Your unique Dropbox folder will be created and you will be notified automatically.       

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